About Mike:


Mike is a full time musician who brings a wealth of playing and composing to this new formed project.  His past playing experience has included touring, recording and writing with the well established Jazz singer, Tia Brazda as well as many other singers and songwriters in the Toronto area, including Sandra Bouza, Denielle Bassels, The willows and Wendy Irvine.  As Tia's main stay guitarist for 10 years,  Mike has played many main stage festivals including; Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreax Jazz Festival, TD Jazz Festival as well as many other smaller festivals in Canada and the U.S.  

Over the last 30 years, Mike has been involved in a wide array of music projects, from film scoring, co-writing with singers, to releasing his own CD's as a singer songwriter and also an instrumentalist.  Mike's previous instrumental music has been featured in film and Television and has seen him receive honourable mention int the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.  Mike continues to also run a home studio where he records himself and other artists.  





The Musicians:



The Mike Freedman Jazz Group is a dynamic all original project blending Mike’s love of jazz with other world musical influences.   Mike has an eclectic musical background, having played Beatles music as well as studying classical guitar but then branching out to jazz, blues and music styles from around the world.   The current band line up includes:  Max Senitt (drums), Kobi Haas (bass),  and Jeremy Ledbetter (piano)


Jeremy Ledbetter


Originally trained as a classical pianist, Jeremy studied jazz performance  in Toronto before embarking on over a decade of world travel that saw him work with some of the most prominent recording artists in Trinidad, Cuba, Brazil, and Venezuela. Upon his return to Canada, Jeremy formed the Caribbean jazz ensemble CaneFire to play the original music inspired by his travels. CaneFire has quickly risen to international recognition on the strength of two albums – “Kaiso Blue” (2005) and “Pandemonium” (2010), and their performances at jazz festivals the world over.  Ledbetter features prominently in Canada’s jazz and world music scenes, performing regularly with Alexis Baro, Eliana Cuevas, CaneFire, and Mark Kelso’s Jazz Exiles, among others.



Max Senitt 



Toronto based drummer/percussionist, Max Senitt, has been creating rhythms for longer than he can remember. With more than 30 years of drumming under his belt, he has racked up an impressive amount of invaluable musical experience, performing at clubs, concert halls and prestigious festivals around the world. Highly in demand on the local and international scene, he maintains a busy freelance career playing a wide range of musical styles with many highly acclaimed Juno and Grammy Award winning artists, including Alex Cuba, Josh Groban, Hilario Duran, Carol Welsman, Eliana Cuevas, and Elizabeth Shepherd



Kobi Hass


Israeli-Canadian bass player, arranger and music educator, Kobi Hass is known internationally as an electric and upright bass player and for his musical work. In 2010 he relocated with his family from Tel-Aviv to Toronto where he now resides and performs. As a child Kobi played the piano and the cello. Not long after he picked up the bass Kobi started performing as professional electric and upright bass player in various bands and groups, playing a wide range of music styles from jazz through folk music to rock. Venues included Israel, USA, England, Germany, Austria, France, and Soviet Union. Kobi performed as a double bass player in major musical and theatrical shows, as well as in jazz concerts and festivals.  Kobi holds a Master Degree in choir conducting from Tel Aviv University and a Diploma in Professional Music from Berklee /college Of Music.

The CD: 



Into The Daybreak is Mike Freedman’s debut album as a jazz instrumentalist.  Inspired by 30 years of performing and writing in the Toronto music scene, as well as touring extensively in the US and Europe with other artists, Mike took to the studio to record some of his original songs and channel his creative energies. Recorded and mixed by Grammy nominated engineer Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Studios in Toronto, Mike was able to create a very memorable album.

The CD  features 9 of Mike’s tunes which blend his love of many different styles of music, ranging from jazz, latin, folk to gospel and film music.  These 9 contrasting and colourful  tunes  glimmer with inspired performances and vibrancy.  The fabric that runs through these contrasting tunes is the strong melodic content.  The tunes have a depth and feel that is both natural and familiar but also unique and memorable.


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