Recent News:

Earth Jam 

Well today I'm releasing a project in the works for about a month or so. I wanted to try and fuse improvised music with some images. I recorded some guitar live with a loop on facebook in April. Sean Jefferson and John Brewer contributed by adding some wonderfully tasteful playing. I was able to use some NASA images which they have put in public domain. So here you have it; the 20 minute Earth Jam along with Carl Sagan's famous monologue "The Pale Blue Dot." As a musician this was perhaps my way of saying something without saying something, rather through my instrument, about these turbulent times...

co-written songs on Barbara Lica upcoming release 

Mike was happy to hear that two songs he co-wrote with Juno nominated jazz singer Barbra Lica will be added to her upcoming release on November 9, 2018.  Look for the songs; "The Birds And The Bees" and "Lucky Break"

Lots of summer dates  

Looking forward to a lot of festival gigs this summer with Tia Brazda.  Here is a song we co-wrote from her first album:

Working On A New CD 

I've  been busy working on a new CD with two other local Toronto musician's. (Mike Pelletier bass and Ian Jutsun vocals) be released in the spring of 2016