The Mike Freedman Group

The Mike Freedman Group is a dynamic all original project blending Mike’s love of jazz with other world musical influences.   Mike has an eclectic musical background, having played Beatles music as well as studying classical guitar but then branching out to jazz, blues and world music. Mike attended Berklee College Of Music where he studied jazz guitar as well as film composition on a scholarship.  .   While at Berklee Mike immersed himself in the history of traditional and modern jazz, listening and playing the music of Charlie Parker, John Coltrane as well as other instrumental guitarists including Wes Montgomery, Pat Metheny and more modern players like Mike Stern, who still influence his music today. Mike also became interested in film scoring and has scored several feature films to date.  The music that Mike is forging on this new recording blends many of his influences while having it's own original concept and sound.   The group currently consists of Mike Freedman, Max Senitt (drums),  Kobi Hass (bass) and Jeremy Ledbetter (piano).   Mike will be releasing the recording of this project in the spring of 2020. 


Mike is a full time musician and brings a wealth of playing and composing to this new formed project.  His past playing experience has included touring, recording and writing with the well established Jazz singer, Tia Brazda as well as many other singers and songwriters in the Toronto area, including Sandra Bouza, Denielle Bassels, The willows and Wendy Irvine . As Tia's main stay guitarist for 10 years,  Mike has played many big festivals, including Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreax Jazz Festival, TD Jazz Festival as well as many other smaller festivals in Canada and the U.S.  



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TD Jazz Festival 2019

TD Jazz Festival 2019

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